Saturday, August 8, 2009

Las Vegas: Hello from Las Vegas!

First and foremost, THANK YOU for checking out my blog! With less than a month away before my flight to London (my first stop in a month long adventure) I wanted to reach out to you so that I can bring you along! Virtually of course ;) but in the event you may be in any of the locations I will be visiting, please let me know :)

For those who know me, I love writing and sharing stories and the opportunity to do so through this nifty tool was too good to pass up.

I’m currently in Las Vegas, finally recuperating from a Girls Night Out (that lasted an entire weekend) as we celebrated my good friend Vi’s birthday. A weekend I won’t soon forget, having had a blast (and finding only a little bit of trouble) with the girls, meeting some amazing folks, learning, listening, and collecting stories. While I waved goodbye to my best buds, I eagerly awaited reconnecting with my extended family that lived in Vegas for the better part of my life.

Little did I know that I’d spend the next week hotel hopping; from Treasure Island to my cousin’s house (not a hotel..but kinda), Palm’s, Red Rock, to the gorgeous Mandalay Bay! It’s safe to say that it feels as if I’ve been living out of a luggage for the past 6 months. What with moving out from home to Sunnyvale in March, going to Greece in May, spending every other weekend on someone’s couch, bed, floor, airbed (you name it and I’ve probably slept on it – one can’t be picky you know?), to moving back home in country paced, Lathrop, CA, only to unpack and then repack for Vegas the following get the point :)

Before I get carried away telling you the funny stories (because I only really enjoy telling funny stories) of the past week, I wanted to show you around my blog. Much of it is still in the works but I hope to include as much content as I can for your reading and viewing pleasure. You will find a link to view my detailed profile, links to subscribe and become a member to my blog (PLEASE do!), photos and videos (likely to be embedded within the blogs themselves), and a link to provide a donation (as I will be travelling alone, your donations will help me to make this trip memorable yet SAFE!).

So with that, I’ll be writing again soon. Thank you again for taking the time and visiting my site!

Much Love!

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