Monday, August 10, 2009

Las Vegas: Never a dull moment in Vegas

I was at Starbucks the other day and the cashier says, "Hey Sweetie," he pauses as he looks me up from head to toe, "what can I get for you tonight?" I clear my throat and give him my order of nonfat, tall, white chocolate mocha (don't roll your eyes..I love that drink!). He asks if I want whip cream and I say no thanks.
He replies, "Only want whip cream on certain things huh?" He smiles wide and I snort a laugh. He asks more prying questions about me being there alone, why, etc staring hard into my eyes. I remember sighing as I wondered briefly if any cup of coffee was worth this...It took me only a second to decide that it was. Oh Caffeine, what a sad one sided romance you and I have...

The other day, I watched a group of beautiful, scantily clad women - glammed up to the T - surrounded by security as they walked past. Following closely behind was a man dressed in baggy jeans and a long red shirt with a mammoth gold chain decorating his neck, also being escorted by security.
I nod towards them and ask my Auntie, "Oooh, what's going on?"
She replies, "They're working."
"Oh, I wonder who's performing tonight," I add as I turn my gaze to follow them.
She lets out a surprised laugh, "No, they're working, as in soliciting. They're being escorted out of the casino."
My eyebrows shoot up and my mouth forms an "O" of understanding...
Boy, never a dull moment in Vegas.

Anyway, as you can see from my photo above, it is H-O-T! My skin is a dark shade of brown that I haven't seen since my days of high school tennis. At least the tan is even - more than I could ask for right? I've been giving into the temptation of Mandalay's swimming pools.

Here's the view from my hotel room. Tell me that wouldn't tempt you? Except perhaps the knowledge that it's a biting 100+ degrees outside!

Skin...There's so much skin exposed you're bound to see tattoos of all types and in every location imaginable. I saw the words, "No Regrets" boldly displayed on a gentleman's back and I thought, "Gee, I sure hope not..." I wondered what he thought of when he decided to get that particular phrase, if there was a specific action/event to which led him to adamantly state that he had 'no regrets' or was it truly a motto he practiced in life?
I was shocked to see an actual butterfly on a woman's cheek! Half covered by her bikini bottom but distractingly obvious none-the-less. This was the tattoo that got me curious and so I began to take closer note of the various tattoos that others were displaying. I saw a graffiti styled, red tattoo that said "CAKE" on a tall, lanky built, balding man's stomach. The words "Peanut's Lady" across a woman's lower back, small black stars decorating the side of a woman's face, tribal tattoos, Celtic designs, Chinese characters, names, angel wings, some with entire parts of their bodies covered. Many were a beautiful display of artistic expression while others made you grimace and suck in air as you thought, "Wow, were you drunk the night you decided to get that?" or "Holy...what were you thinking?"

Truly, never a dull moment in Vegas.

Tomorrow, I'm homeward bound. Momma, I'm comin' home! Papa, please don't forget to pick me up :)

Thank you to my Auntie Emma for a wonderful Vegas vacation. Chanelle and Chris, it was great to see you two! I love you so much. Give kisses and hugs to my two nieces! I'll be back soon...

Pics from Vegas with the family:

I'm a very proud Aunt!

My favorite quote of the night. Chanelle: "We totally look like a gay couple right now."

"Auntie we're VIP tonight?!"

My super awesome Auntie Emma

Just like old times. Me, Chris and Chanelle

Poolside at Red Rock

Oh Red've spoiled me with your Spa...

I was swirling my fingers in this very pretty decoration. Only to have Chris ask, " know what that is don't you?"
I jerk my hand away and grudgingly say, "'s an ash tray isn't it?"
He laughs and I resist the urge to grab a handful of the pretty "ash" rocks and throw it in his face.

My beautiful niece Onessa.

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