Monday, August 17, 2009

Lathrop: “Once I Wanted to Feel the Greatest”

I found this amazing trail beside a river near my home. I can't tell you how excited I was to have discovered it. I've walked it everyday since I've been here and each time I've walked farther and farther until I've reached the railroad crossing over the river. I wanted country...well, I got country. At one point I remember squinting off into the distance as I recognized a large red structure.

I thought, “Is that a barn?” which led me to my next question, “Ooo, does that mean there are COWBOYS!?” My eyes began to scan the area in excitement.

Sadly, no cowboys but I enjoyed the view none-the-less.

It’s blissfully relaxing here; which is the reason for me having been somewhat disconnected and M.I.A. on Facebook, Blogging, and emails. I’m indulging in some long overdue adolescent fun with my family and friends; staying up late watching movie marathons, playing video games, reading up all hours of the night, forgetting or passing up any obligations and responsibilities until the next day, eating junk food, baking cakes, and vegetating on every comfortable surface succumbing to the occasional nap.

Naps! I haven’t taken frequent naps since…well…since I was pre-pubescent. Nothing seems quite as important as enjoying my day and it’s brought on a sense of peace that I haven’t felt since I was on that little island, Mykonos. Although, my weight seems to have increased in parallel to the amount of fun I’ve been having. I guess enjoying this kind of adolescent fun while no longer having the body of an adolescent isn’t without consequences. Walking apparently isn’t enough, so I’ve decided to start jogging…soon…like tomorrow…maybe…ugh. I HATE jogging – with a passion. But it’s important that I’m in good shape before I travel so let’s bring on the agony. I didn’t always hate it. In fact, I really enjoyed running, up until I got out of shape and it seemed like torture to my lungs and thighs - and i decided that I'd rather get hit by a bus than to do this for "fun" ever again. So I’ve avoided the painful activity successfully, up until now. If you’re asking, yes I was supposed to jog this morning (rolling my eyes)…but my blankets tied me down holding me captive to the bed and wouldn’t release me until 10:00 am soooo…by then it seemed stupid to run in the heat (stifling my cough).

I’ve been watching a variety of series, episode after episode on Hulu, enjoying not only the shows but the music. I’ve been collecting a playlist in preparation for the trip. Two songs that have reached out to me – which I’ve heard before, one by Cat Power, “The Greatest” and the other by Keane “Bad Dream.” I’ve added the links to Youtube if you’re interested in hearing them.

Cat Power - The Greatest:

Keane - A Bad Dream:

The Greatest not only for the beauty of the compilation but for the words. "Once I wanted to feel the greatest". I can listen to it all day, over and over; the same with Bad Dream, especially the part "I wake up it's a bad dream - no one on my side - too tired to be fighting, guess I'm not the fighting kind". The music just seems to reach deeply, conveying my newfound self discovery but mainly they're just beautifully touching songs. Closing my eyes, I find myself swaying to the magic that is music. Sometimes the only thing that can make a moment more perfect is the addition of a well fitting song. So as I sit beyond the trail, near the riverbank watching the setting sun, I listen to these songs and the moment is perfection.

As for my writing, a few ideas have been jotted down. I'll be spending time this week on character sketches and structuring an outline for the first book. My cousin Cela has been an amazing sounding board. I won't forget our late night run to Starbucks, giggling absurdly to the point where I almost choked on my Skinny Vanilla Latte out my nose (sadly, I had to give up on the white chocolate mocha. See above for comments related to my expanding fun/weight) as we talked about the potential scenarios, encounters, the who, what, and where's. I promised to take it slow however, there will be no official writing until I've made a few decisions...stay tuned.

Til' next time, thank you for reading... =)

Here's a pic of me baking with my cousin Cela.

Actually...she did the baking...I contributed with the chocolate icing deco (at least the portion that didn't get lost in my mouth) =/

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