Sunday, August 9, 2009

Las Vegas: Recuperating

At 9:30am I found myself poolside after having learned a valuable lesson yesterday.
1. If you want a seat, come early
2. If you want shade, come at dawn
3. If you could not fulfill any of the above - DO NOT fall asleep
I am sporting a healthy burn on my shoulders, the aftermath of discovering these valuable lessons.

I was lucky enough to find shade today woohoo! Sweet, slow music is drifting through the warm air, not a wisp of a cloud in sight. Beyond my pool, you can hear the crashing waves of Mandalay's wave pool complete with sand and model physique lifeguards. Soon I will be forced to wear my sunglasses - it's amazing how incredibly bright it gets here.
This morning I am unbelievably exhausted!
I decided last night that I would not succumb to my usual desire to sleep early and vegetate on the gloriously comfy hotel mattress and watch TV. I thought about trying my luck and hitting the casino floor again as I had the previous night with my Aunt. She and I had hit a bout of luck as we played roulette, betting hundred dollar chips on colors. To our giddy amazement, we walked away with $800!! To which I pleaded my Aunt to "Please, please let's cash out now!" We split the winnings grabbed some drinks and separated. She headed for the slots and I sneaked away to watch the tables once more before yawning 5 times in a row, finally conceding to sleep and trudging back to the hotel in the early hour of 12:00am.So last night, I got all dolled up; wearing a slinky purple dress that my cousin gave to me. I thought, "Tonight's gonna be a good night! A damn lucky night." I imagined the confidence raditing within me to translate into good-luck energy as I headed back to the tables. I spent maybe a total of ten minutes on the casino floor when I was hounded by cat calls and some seriously brave compliments. I realized as I looked down at my clothes with it's short skin tight length and deep v-neck, "Holy crap, I look like I could be soliciting!" I promptly ran to the elevators and into my room, and changed into a T-Shirt and gym shorts...ahhh...much better!
But I no longer felt like gambling. I thought I'd taken enough risk with the dress (complete fail) and so I decided to go for a walk...
Taking the tram to Excalibur, I made my way down Las Vegas Blvd in 80+ degree heat (there's no reprieve from the desert heat). My "stroll" turned out to be a 2 hour long trek! I had meant to turn around halfway through, knowing very well that I wouldn't be able to walk the entire length of the strip; I had the plan firmly in my head when my eye recognized the familiar golden arches.
"Oooh! McDonald's!" shouted my mind, or maybe it was my stomach...
I ended up passing on MickyD's as the place looked shady and I didn't feel comfortable with all the people bustling about. It was almost midnight and the streets were still crammed, with drunks, tourists, locals, and some suspicious looking solicitors. I enjoyed the walk however, laughing at the karaoke-ers, naughty college boys shoving beer bottles up P.F. Chang's horse statue, locals trying to shake your hand - screaming "You're so F*ing nice!" when you decide to play along, watching perfectly abled people racing elderly scooters along the sidewalk, seeing drunk girls teeter on their 7 inch heels giving up on their continuously riding skirts. It was a fun night...up until I hauled my exhausted self to the tram station gaping unbelievably at the sign that said, "Tram currently unavailable due to maintenance."
I leaned to the side to look into the distance from the tram to Mandalay Bay, my mouth forming the words, 'Son of a ..." My feet were sore, I was sweating, feeling starved, and tired. I could only sigh wearily (sobbing just a little bit) as I walked past the tram and back to the hotel. I remember thinking, "Stupid tram..." right before I looked up and brightened, saying, "Ooooh! McDonald's!"

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