Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Barcelona: Passionate and just a little Pervy

Hola! My touristic spirit is back! First, I must apologize for the lack of pictures and videos. I promise to load them as soon as I get comfortable in the Hostel in San Sebastian tomorrow.

It´s a wistful goodbye to the lively city of Barcelona and my small yet private dorm room where the walls are paper thin and the neighbors are nosy and passionate. Yes, you can imagine my surprise when I glanced up from my book to stare in horrid facination at the wall across from me. It was the unmistakable sound can imagine. The rythmic beating accompanied by explicit dialogue and animalistic sounds. Oh boy...

My eyes widened in shock and my first thought was, Will the wall hold? I had a flashback of a scene in the movie Just Married when Ashton Kutcher and Brittney Murphy found themselves in a shabby Pensione in Italy, where such an accident occurred. Hey, who said stuff in movies don't happen in real life? But I prayed I would be spared the humiliation. I found myself nestling deeper beneath the covers, giggling at the dialogue I could barely make out. Not that I was listening intently, mind you but it was a tad bit hard to ignore. After what felt like half an hour, I´d had enough and was unsuccessful in my attempt to ignore and tune them out to focus on my reading. Suddenly I remembered my MP3 player and I cursed myself for not having thought of it sooner. I was much happier to hear the rythmic beats of Owl City and PassionPit over the uncomfortable music of the undulating bodies of my neighbors.

As for the nosy neighbor. Well, it´s a combination of peeping-tom and nosy. My 4 inch balcony looks out to flanking balconies as well as half of another, just across from my own. It wasn´t until yesterday when I wash up and turned to face the open window moving my hands to grip my shirt so that I could change, when I spotted a heavy set AND naked man staring right into my window. We made eye contact and I immediately dipped my body to squat, then duck-walked to the window. Sure enough, he was still out there. Moving his head side to side as if trying to find me. He smoked his cigarette and I blanched at the pervy-ness. Keeping one astonished eye at him, I reached for the curtains to promptly close them before giving him a reprimanding look. Unbelievable!

Those rank among the highest on my list of things I´m glad to be leaving behind in Barcelona. That, and the strange weather. Although it rained yesterday, I forced myself to see more of the city, visiting the Cathedral and this amazing Park with various statues that even included a Zoo! Today was a much nicer day, not a raincloud in site and so I trekked up Montjuic - which translates to Mount of Jews - with its Castle, Musuems, Gardens, and the site of the Olympic Stadium (I promise to show you the pictures and videos tomorrow!). After a quick rest back to the hostal, changing into shorts (briefly considering whether I should shave my legs - then thought better of it because I was sure that no one would ever come close enough to notice), I found my way to the Parc Guell; an amazing artwork of a park inspired by none other than Antonio Gaudi (I also visited his apartment and the Gaudi Museum). A few hours passed and I was beat. But there was one final stop on my agenda - the beach. It was a wonderful getaway and I won´t even get into the horrible trend of speedos because I just DON´T GET IT. Other than those offensive pieces of fabric - that cover almost nothing - which I´m sure is somewhat the point, none-the-less some things should never be worn in public (quick breath), I had a wonderful day exploring Barcelona.

I am off to the low key and quiet city of San Sebastian. It's near the South of France and should I get an opportunity, I may just hop over for a quick daytrip. I´d meant to visit Cambridge when I was in London but there was just too much to see and not enough time.

Thanks for reading and when I next write, it will be on the beaches of San Sebastian!

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