Sunday, September 13, 2009

Barcelona: Where they lose your luggage

I no longer hear the English accented internal voice. It seems to have been replaced by the whining voice of a 5 year old - blubbering away - crying to go home and tell Mommy that the world is a stupid place.

After talking to my best friend last night, I felt so much more at ease. He reassured me that my belongings would likely be returned the next day. He too seemed shocked - just about laughing - as one can only laugh in an IM at my streak of troubles during this adventure. I ranted for about 5 minutes, crying almost inconsolibly as I asked, ¨What else could go wrong?!¨ followed promptly by, ¨No wait, don´t answer that.¨ I knew how much worse off things could´ve been and I didn´t want to give the Universe any other brilliant ideas. I was rather pleased that this was the extent of it - after returning to my senses because really, I was an adult now and my 5 year old alter ego needed to shut up.

Maybe it was a mistake to have wanted an adventure so bad. I know that one can look at this and say, ¨should you survive, this would make a pretty interesting story.¨

----many...many godforsaken hours later----

Currently banging my head beside the keyboard. No word on my luggage. I´m sure years from now I´ll look back at this trip and laugh as I recall all the crazy misfortunes that occured. With no phone, an expiring laptop (as all the chargers are in the luggage), 3 pairs of underwear, 1 night gown, 1 pant, 3 shirts, 1 pair of non-walking shoes, a sweater, and meager toiletries...oh and not to mention I´m ALL ALONE - I can tell everyone how I managed the rest of the my trip 5 days in, 25 days remaining...alone... (I know you´re reading the laundry list above and thinking, oh that´s not so bad. YOU try it and tell me if it´s not downright sad). Sure, it´d make one interesting story but seeing as how I am currently living the nightmare, bursting out in laughter would only indicate that I´ve finally gone over the edge. Yup...I can feel the humor just beginning to bubble within me.

The receptionists´eyes bulge then dart from side to side as they appear to want to look for cover. The luggage tyrant is approaching, they must all think. Once, they held an expression of pity - now, it looks more like fear. Good...I´m about ready to murder someone. How can I not when I can´t NOT dwell on the fact that there are hundreds of dollars worth of things within the bag, not to mention priceless things that hold no value except within my own heart.

It´s hard to enjoy the beauty within Barcelona with worries such as these weighing heavily on my shoulders. I was lucky enough to find an affordable hotel in the heart of Catalunya; just steps away from La Rambla. It pulsates with such vibrancy. There are so many pedestrians that it is difficult to walk through the street without being forced to go at the speed of your liking. I love that it is gritty and architecturally beautiful. I love that, like London, there is history round every corner. It doesn´t appear to be a seedy area, except perhaps at night. We are continuously warned of pickpocketers and skilled theives.

I rode the metro which reminded me more of BART but a dark underground version, than of the Tube in London - which held so much more cheer. But it´s likely that my opinion is jaded by my current situation.


Perhaps I over planned. In fact, I know I did and I had plenty of fun doing it except that I didn´t factor in all the events that were beyond my control and what the plans would be to remedy them. I get to say, look how quickly I thought on my feet and fixed things Ma´, like a big girl! Except I don´t really much care whether I get to say that because I´d so much rather tell other stories that didn´t involve any personal misery. It makes travelling alone so much more difficult when one is parted with their belongings. It´s true that they add a small measure of comfort one needs when so far from home.

Writing has been a wonderful distraction. Although, one can only pass so much time with it, as well as reading and walking around, when all ones thoughts keep circling back to the current problem at hand. You may note that I´m detaching helps...

In other news, my nose has gone a bit stuffy. Likely from the strange weather here; from warm and sunny, to thunder clouds and rain, to sunshine and heat once more.

I hope things work out. For now, cheers to a good story...when it´s all over...Joy, I can´t wait.


  1. sending my love and my luck so that the rest of your trip will be worry free.

  2. Cousin! Oh boy...hang in there. I hope you found your luggage. I guess I should read on. And don't forget to have fun, breath, and relax! Miss you...


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