Tuesday, September 8, 2009

London: A bout of Luck...bad, bad luck

Hi Readers,

So, I'm off to a new adventure. This one beginning in London. Safe to say, that I want to go home now...yup.

My phone won't recognize the SIM card I purchased - ergo - no phone. I'm probably going to purchase one here...but I haven't decided if I want to just yet. What a pain.
Second...oh, and this is a big one...my laptop has crashed. Actually, it keeps rebooting because apparently Windows XP won't load properly. I am completely puzzled because it was working just fine earlier this morning. I'm trying to find a technician to see what he/she can do to fix it before I head off to Barcelona this Saturday. I'm praying hard for this work out (and praying that by morning, some miracle/divine intervention occurs and magically it's repaired itself - hey stuff like this happens right?)

I landed in London, Heathrow this morning at 6:22am. By the time I'd freshened up and headed down the tube towards Hammersmith it was 9:00am. I dropped off my luggage and was sad that I couldn't rest even a couple hours, since check-in wasn't until 2:00pm. By the time I finished the London Tower tour, I was red faced from fatigued - stumbling along the streets, deliriously happy that it was finally 1:30 pm and I can lay down. I was desperate enough to consider laying down in some alleyway just to get some shut-eye. I dozed off on the ride from Tower Hill to Hammersmith and I was ready to cry with happens at the thought of being so close...so close to a bed!

So I check in and find out that I'm on the very top floor. I was actually excited about this...until I found out that they did not have an elevator - and dear God - I was FOUR floors up. By the time I reached the 2nd level, it felt like I was carrying around 100lbs. Sweat beaded down my back and across my face as I panted and hauled my luggage. It was a grueling hot day in London today. Just my luck...

In fact, I don't recall ever being so lucky... (here's were I plaster my serene sarcastic smile).
So here I am at some internet cafe, glancing sadly every so often at my decommissioned laptop. Damnit, just my luck. And it's only my FIRST day. I can't wait for the next 29 nights!

Wish me luck everyone. =)

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