Thursday, September 10, 2009

More Pictures & Videos - London

Lugging my impossibly huge bag
Off to the Tower of London
Charming narrow alleys

Royal Courts of Justice
View of Fleet Street
Buckingham Palace

Wellington Arch
British Museum
British Museum
Mummy of Cleopatra!
Trafalgar Square
Westminster Abbey

Houses of Parliament
National Gallery
St. James's Park

First day in London - of course I was lost - that's when the best adventures are made though. But I sure do work/plan deligently to avoid it. I need a hand held GPS or one of those locators that you tag under your skin. Wait - those are only for pets huh? I feel a potential market opening up here...Minus the under your skin insertion part of course.

In the center of the British Museum. Whoa Momma, I felt like an ant.

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