Thursday, September 17, 2009

Pictures & Videos - Barcelona

I've loaded pictures in Picassa and you can view the entire album + videos by scrolling on the far right bar where my public albums are viewable. Below you can click on the individual pictures to see an expanded view!
View of my window/balcony doors. Ahh...would've been a sweet day, had my luggage been with me.

The famous La Familia Sagrada - Gaudi's unfinished Cathedral

The bridge I walked across to go shopping for temporary toiletries.

La Rambla, in the wee hours of the morning before the mad rush crowd.

La Boqueria - the lively produce market in La Rambla


On my way to the Cathedral

The Cathedral of Barcelona

The view within the Cathedral. It's a magnificent church full of relics and geese?

See the geese in the back?

Parc Guell - Inspired by Gaudi. I LOVED this park!

Exploring Montjuic - Beyond my toes is the Olympic Stadium

Within Parc de la Cuitadella

There were so many things to snap a picture of! This is one of my favorites

Another of my favorites within the Park

City view from the Catalan Art Museum

Widespan view of the structure beneath an alcove in Parc Guell

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