Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Preparation and Goodbyes

Gotta love the genius who made those space saver bags! I'm bringing quite a bit of food with me.

Holy Moly, I can't believe it all fits (still missing a few water bottles)! I didn't even have to use the expansion feature on the luggage (only because I refused to give myself an excuse to pack more).

Don't worry, I plan on "rolling" it around vs. lugging it as a backpack. It's probably around 40 lbs!

Sorry for the lag in posts everyone. I've been trying to spend the past two weeks with family and friends, and with much success - far from my computer as possible.
I went to Lake Tahoe last weekend and had a fantastic time! I've always loved Lake Tahoe and this past trip was a memorable getaway. =)

As the days are flying past me and my departure date nears, I've been working on practicing the art of "packing light". All I can say is Thank God that I started early instead of waiting until the absolute last minute like I always do - which would mean either packing too much or too little!
My main motivation is that I absolutely REFUSE to be stressed over lugging an impossibly heavy bag while at the same time not having everything I'm used to having (which apparently is A LOT). My Mom says to me earlier this week in reference to my private bathroom amenities, "Do you use ALL of those things that you have there sitting on the tub?" She looked at me with worry and I responded with a shrug followed by, "I like to have options when I bathe..."
So, I'm sure you can imagine how challenging it was for me pack. I did find a solution, however! Mini travel bottles. Lots and LOTS of mini travel bottles to store my preference for having a "variety" of products. Just because I'm on vacation doesn't mean that I have to stop my weekly micro-dermabrasion treatments, or go without my special deep hydrating foot cream (separate from my daily body butter), along with various other creams in preparation for when my face decides to act rebelliously, which is usually the case with my hair - so you can imagine that shampoo, conditioner, and hair spray simply won't suffice.

Other things I managed to get was a plug adapter, heavy-duty door stopper, international SIM card, luggage space savers, and a few other handy things like mace and a flashlight - oh, and tinted lip gloss (no joke!). I also took care of contacting the credit card companies, my bank and my car insurance; oh, and the postponement of my jury duty summons - which was sent to me twice! Trust me, I'd make a terrible juror anyway as I'm one of the most indecisive people you've ever met. That, and I'd probably rule guilty - just because the defendant committed the crime of being put on trial because the city found "enough" evidence to crucify them with. Anyway, sorry - getting carried away here. I think it's a product of all this free time I have. My mind wanders...a lot. =)

So where was I?...Ok, packing light. Yup. So as you can see from the map, I'm hopping around quite a bit and so it's really, really important that I'm mobile - without sacrificing too much comfort. Wish me luck. I bought the non-vacuum required plastic space bags just so I could cheat and add a few more clothes into my ONE luggage.

As you can see from my countdown ticker, I'll be leaving this Monday. The last final days will be spent with family and close friends (and my cat). I'm working on talking as much as possible to cover a whole months worth of being without their present companionship. Just kidding, of course. I don't talk that much. Only enough to realize that there are muscles within your jaw that actually do get sore. =)

I've also been trying to work on getting my cat back to his pudgy self. Since I've left him in the care of my brother, he's lost so much weight it freaks me out when I look at him. A pudgy pet owner cannot have a non-pudgy pet. It simply doesn't work. And since my diet isn't working...well, he's just going to have to meet me half way...

Alright readers. I'm going to say bon voyage for now. I'll probably write a post or show a video on the day of my arrival in London! Stay tuned.

Thank you for visiting! :)

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