Friday, September 18, 2009

San Sebastian: Mr. Brad Pitt

Yes, dear readers. Those of us here in chilly and wet San Sebastian have been graced by the presence of Mr. Brad Pitt himself. Apparently, today is the Film Festival and he was seen descending the steps of his hotel looking ruggedly scruffy as usual, waving a friendly yet quick hello to his screaming fans, before climbing into a black limo and zooming off in preparation for tonights festivities where half of San Sebastian is eagerly lined up to witness the action on the red carpet. Roads where jammed with cars, pedestrians, and policia who were trying their best to manage it all amidst the foul weather.

I was fortunate enough to see the red carpet, with cameras, photographers and the many excited fans as I passed the Palacio de Congressos where the event is to be held this very evening. I stood beneath my purple umbrella, watching the scene from a safe distance having already experienced being shoved and pushed by celebrity crazed fans.

As sunny as it was upon my arrival yesterday - it is pouring wet today. The rain seems to be following me, bringing with it a sudden chill that left me waking up in the middle of the night to rummage through my luggage for my sweaters and leggings.

But in happier news, I've made some amazing new friends. Stella from Sydney and Isabella from Melbourne. Both women are travelling solo and together we spent the morning getting to know each other and sharing stories, sight-seeing and shopping along the beautiful streets of this posch city. Isabella took me grocery shopping to purchase salami, cheese, bread and tuna - so my dear friends - you should be happy to know that McDonald's is but a distant memory, although I will always long for their chicken nuggets...yum.

San Sebastian a.k.a. Donostia is stunning with it's romantic setting and a river that runs right through the town and into the ocean. It is charming and quaint and it definitely breathes Spanish Aristocracy and wealth. It is a far cry from the discomfort that I felt in Barcelona. Although, I must tell you that earlier this evening, sometime around 6pm as I made my way through the shopping center heading back to the hostel, a gentleman kept calling out to me - whistling in short bursts until I would look at him, to which he would wave for me to come over. I made a face of instant irritation and gave him the cold shoulder, not once but twice! He didn't seem to get the hint and the short bursts of whistles continued coming closer behind me until I decided that I no longer felt comfortable. I did not like his demeanor or the vile way he was looking at me. My heart quickened and once I turned the corner, I sprinted past the block, circling around my hostel until I was sure he was no longer behind me. I'm not one to take such things lightly, knowing full well that I did not want to lead him to my hostel, giving him knowledge of where I could be found. Once in my room, I carefully watched through my window, viewing the street below to make sure he was nowhere in sight.

I'm sure I may have feared for nothing. Although self-preservation is my utmost priority. Perhaps it was Stella's terrifying story of the female backpacker from Sydney who was recently found tortured and butchered in Prague that got me a little anxious but I do not take my safety lightly. One must always be aware of their surroundings and follow their instincts - it has yet to steer me wrong.

In lighter news. Isabella and I are considering going out for a quick hop to the Pinxto pubs for wine and free tapas - although, in light of tonight's events I will likely be passing on the adventure. I spent a better part of the morning wet and sneezing so a warm night indoors with some hot chocolate sounds much more appealing than alcohol and fried food.

Well, I guess I'm off to go do just that. Thanks for reading! =)

My new friends Isabella and the spunky Stella

Chocolate covere cake for me!

Wet and cloudy but still breath-taking

Me and Stella - see Jesus up on the hill?

Me and Isabella

Off to go window shopping

Red Carpet of the Film Festival

Auditorium of San Sebatian's 2009 Film Festival


  1. ohhh!! how exciting!! =)

  2. Hi Anna!!

    Looks like you're having fun! Miss you here!

  3. YEAH!!! She is eating more than just McDonald's and candy bars! I'm also happy to hear you've made friends...that's super dope! Well, keep using those good judgments. Be safe...Can't wait to read more...


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