Monday, October 12, 2009

Lathrop: Adios but not for long...

Sorry for having been so M.I.A.. As you can guess, I'm home now safely tucked away under the heavy comforters of my bed - really, it's where I'm at this very moment. Laying in bed still unable to peel the smile off my face because I'm just so elated to be home. The 2 day journey home was enough to make me never want to step into an airport again.

After flying to Zurich to spend a couple hours admiring the beauty of the city, which I plan on returning again some day because WOW it took my breath away, I flew to Boston on an 8+ hour flight where I would spend the night at the airport (on the carpet in some dark corner like a homeless person - minus the warmth of a cardboard box shelter - why do they make it so cold in the airports!?) I woke up at 4am to check-in only to wait to board the plane at 6am. The remaining 6+ hour flight was the most gruelling. Feeling so close to home, yet to so impossibly far as the clock seemed to enjoy torturing me with the slow passing of time.

I vomitted once - on the flight from Zurich to Boston. At least I made it to the bathroom after jumping over the lap of some stranger who's legs were so long he had to sit sideways and into the aisle because there wasn't enough leg room. I don't know why the turbulance was so bad but the nausea was horrible. I must say however, that Swiss Airlines and Lufthansa have amazing service and FOOD! United, Delta, and American Airlines have nothing on the German airlines. But then again, it was their food that I vomited. Perhaps United (the airline I had from Boston to SFO) had it right not to give us food so there was less likelihood of passengers puking up perfectly good food. The night at Boston was spent mostly tossing and turning on the hard ground of the carpet. It was freezing, although I wore extra layers that I fished out from my luggage, making it almost impossible to sleep at all. The thought of home being so close made it all bearable if not ignorable because I knew a warm bed awaited me - I just needed to hang in there and not vomit anymore.

The month abroad flew by quickly although, I couldn't have imagined how I would've felt, had I stuck with my original plan to be away for 3 months. My travels brought with it so much more knowledge than I could've hoped for and a confidence that I couldn't have replicated had I done any of it differently. I don't believe I'll ever travel alone again for there were just too many moments I wished to have shared with a companion but I must say to you that you most certainly should experience something like this yourself.

If it weren't for my job at SAP, I probably wouldn't have met some of the most amazing people who literally packed up their bags and started their life anew in a foreign country, or who've spent a better part of their youth traveling. It's what got me dreaming of similar adventures of my own and suddenly realizing that they were possible. I've got a few more things lined up but I'll be sticking to the U.S.A. for the remainder of this year with a trip to New Orleans in November and Orlando in December. I plan on doing a full fledged road trip next year just as the Autumn season in the East begins so I can see the most historic towns lined with Fall's colorful hues. We'll see how things pan out as so many other life plans are coming together for me.

Starting this Wednesday, I'll be working on my 2nd book (the 1st book to remain one chapter and some serious editing away before being completed - but will be put on the backburner for now). I'll be working it like a job 10 - 7. Don't panic, I swear I'll be up early - it's so that I can hit the gym and wake up those necessary creative brain cells.

For now, I'll be dreaming of the adventures ahead of me, whether by travel or life as it unfolds.

Thank you so much for reading! Most of all, thank you for being the companion that I desperately needed while I was alone. You helped keep the homesick tears at bay and for allowing me to write almost every day. I'll be letting you know when I start up the blog again to update you on some scheduled travels or updates on the novel.

Thanks again! I'll miss you! :)

Purple and Orange - Festive right?

There's La Estacian de Trene - Train Station in Valencia behind me

Oh man, do I love Spain's pastries and treats.

Valencia was amazing. Although, I must admit, I spent most of my time there window shopping.

Valencia's Super Mercado (Market). It was amazing!

The view outside Zurich's airport. I will definitely come back to visit. Zurich is gorgeous!

Here's me smiling just as I'm about to board. It's probably because I haven't puked yet.

Here's me, post-puke before I had to leave the cafe to find my nice little piece of carpet heaven to do the impossible - sleep.

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