Thursday, January 20, 2011

A New Direction

Happy New Year everybody!

Oh wait...that already happened weeks ago. That's okay because it brings me to the reason of this blog. I need to continue writing and more importantly, quit being a complete lazy-ass about it. Even if it's writing this blog, I NEED to write daily. So I'm going to take a new direction with my blog--expand the focus. And the best thing is that it's not just to help myself (which is still the biggest reason--I know, I'm a selfish girl) but to help other aspiring writer's who find themselves in the same shoes as me. Even though, I hope you aren't, because I wear a size 5 in children's...

Just kidding.

Okay, totally bad analogy because it's "in the same boat" and not "shoes". Terrible.

So today's lesson is, finding inspiration in other authors and their works.
My pick of the day is Brent Weeks.

I picked up Brent's first novel, The Way of Shadows this past weekend and I'm having trouble putting the damn thing down. Which sounds like I'm complaining--because I kind of am--because I'd really like to work on my own writing instead of getting absorbed in someone else's damn good story.

Brent's got a really wicked sense of humor, which may not be as apparent in his writing, but you can certainly see his wit. In exploring his website I found myself laughing and finding him a wonderful motivator but really a breath of fresh air when it comes to learning about the writing/publishing industry. His whole take on being an author isn't too shabby either.

One thing that stood out was this quote from Brent (when asked: Can you read my story?): "In my opinion, writers aren’t even the best people to HAVE read your story. First, we tend to like our own way of doing things in stories, and secondly, writers tend to make decisions in our own writing intuitively rather than analytically. Editors and agents make better analysts, in my experience."

It got me thinking about my current fears in being a part of a writer's group. Particularly the one I'm in now. Guess, it's safe to admit, I'm not entirely comfortable about the whole thing. And shouldn't I be comfortable for something like this? Here are other imaginative writers, reading and critiquing my work. Except, instead of relief, it feels like a nightmare. During each critque, everyone's posture is rigid, tense, ready to defend themselves when being critiqued, and then when it comes to you, everyone is eager to take a stab like a gang-b--well I won't finished that thought. But you get where I'm going.

For now, I've decided to stick with it, because having someone read my work is better than having no one reading it at all. My vanity tends to think everything that pops out of my butt is the best thing since slice bread. So I don't trust my butt anymore.

Even if those same people offend me by asking things like, "Is English your second language?" or "Are you trying to create your own literary language...because I just don't get it.". I know...WOW, right? Feel like stabbing me in the face while you're at it?

But that's okay! I'd rather have grammar issues than faulty story-telling. Because apparently, my pacing is flawless, and my imagination is incredible. Here's where I'm raising my brow...

Okay, okay. Back to Brent Weeks. Awesome Shadow series. Great fantasy! Good read, and something to aspire to when it comes to creating strong characterization. Thumbs up, dude.

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