Friday, October 21, 2011

My Job is an Adventure: Seattle, Washington

Seattle is a beautiful city. I'm currently situated in the heart of the University district, beside the massive  UW (aka UDUB) campus. From what the locals tell me, fall foliage seems to have missed the city altogether. Everyone figures it because of the late summer start.

Above is a photo edited using Snapseed, taken in front of the large windows of my hotel room. No surprise, it's drizzling and dark overhead. I've accepted Seattle to be this way. I kept referring to the weather as "charming".

My creative juices are flowing. I've begun writing the first lines to the new novel I'm working on, FROM THE ASHES. It's hard to find myself here again, starting a new piece of work and wondering how I'm ever going to get to "the end". It's funny how fun and yet painful writing can be (smiles).

My travels are finally slowing down. Below are some photo's I've taken along the way.

Downtown. Late night stroll.

Puddle jumper from San Diego to LA. I HATED this plane. 

The Universe is determined to shove me into the "mini-est" of things.

Airport food. YUM. Good way to wind down a day trip to USC.

Headed to Berkeley. My job is one adventure after another.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Adventurous Grandma

I don't know why the thought occurred to me today that fast forward in time, I'm laying beside my grandchildren in their bed, relishing in the moment as I launch into a story of another one of their Grandma's crazy adventures.

When life speeds by you too fast, when one adventure begins to overshadow another, when work gets too crazy you don't have even the breath to appreciate how far you've come or even how lucky you've been--you're thankful for utilizing blogs, diaries, or even photo books to take you back to those moments.

I dont ever want to forget the peaceful, teal-colored waves of the Aegean sea, or the raucous, provocative streets of La Rambla in Barcelona; the old man shoving me--offended by my shorts in Madrid; getting sedated on a plane because I thought I was having a heart attack--which actually turned out to be heartburn; swimming with the manta rays in the Caribbean; snorkeling in Maui and almost getting mauled by a gigantic sea turtle; the blinding white walls and blue domed roofs of the homes in Mykonos; walking amongst the ruins of ancient Greece and then Rome; stepping foot on the holy grounds of the Vatican; seeing the Queen's "modest" home in London, stumbling drunk into a restroom in Cork, only to notice the urinals after I'd done my lady business; touching the porous graffiti-covered wall of Berlin; gazing out from a train to see the snow-covered tips of Switzerland's Alps; trying to hide from the downpour in Vienna and finding the magic of the city through the rain; smelling the succulent sweets and the smoke-filled air of Paris; staring down at the small world below my feet as I walked across the glass floor of the CN Tower in Toronto; and still, there's more. I don't want to forget the people I've met and the stories we shared.

Sometimes life passes by too quickly.

I never want to forget any of it. And I can't wait for when I can share these memories again with my children and grandchildren. What do you do to remember it all?