Friday, October 21, 2011

My Job is an Adventure: Seattle, Washington

Seattle is a beautiful city. I'm currently situated in the heart of the University district, beside the massive  UW (aka UDUB) campus. From what the locals tell me, fall foliage seems to have missed the city altogether. Everyone figures it because of the late summer start.

Above is a photo edited using Snapseed, taken in front of the large windows of my hotel room. No surprise, it's drizzling and dark overhead. I've accepted Seattle to be this way. I kept referring to the weather as "charming".

My creative juices are flowing. I've begun writing the first lines to the new novel I'm working on, FROM THE ASHES. It's hard to find myself here again, starting a new piece of work and wondering how I'm ever going to get to "the end". It's funny how fun and yet painful writing can be (smiles).

My travels are finally slowing down. Below are some photo's I've taken along the way.

Downtown. Late night stroll.

Puddle jumper from San Diego to LA. I HATED this plane. 

The Universe is determined to shove me into the "mini-est" of things.

Airport food. YUM. Good way to wind down a day trip to USC.

Headed to Berkeley. My job is one adventure after another.

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