Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Fantasy is My Therapy

Something occurred to me a few days ago that when I fully grasped, hit me like a drug induced high. I got giddy, tense, and elated the way only real happiness can bring. What I realized was the awesome power I wielded as a storyteller—being my own storyteller. That no matter the happenings of the world around me, I could sink myself into a story, a fantasy, that would take me away for even a short reprieve. The most profound thing of it all was that the fantasy was just a daydream or a writing session away--and I can do with it anything that I wanted. I can always have my happy ending. I can always defeat the bad guys, rescue the prince (yes, you read that right) and eat a tub of ice cream, guilt-free.

Movie-goers, anime-lovers, and readers of all kinds feel this same sense of escape. Afterall, it’s why we do it/love it.

So here I am, currently obsessed in the new world of my making. Super-stoked. The last couple of days feel like a blur from the madness of my creative energy. My next work is titled From the Ashes (YA, Fantasy). It’s going to be one helluva ride. After my Writer’s Group reviews the preface and first chapter, I’ll post here for your reading pleasure.

Anyway, happy fantasizing guys…

BTW, it’s officially NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month)!! Hooray! Are you game to write your novel in a month? I’m stocking up on my coffee.

Here's me and a few of my coworkers dressed up for Halloween in the office. Yes...I was a vampire...No glitter necessary. But fangs, hell yes.

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