Sunday, November 13, 2011

Writer's Toolkit: Warming Up

I haven't been able to focus on my writing as much as I want to. But I'm now convinced it's my own mental block that's stopping me--aside from genuine fatigue, of course. I DO have a full time job that actually pays. So my priorities are obvious (smiles).

I realized something this morning about the proper way to warm up. I think after 2+ years, I finally have a system. Hey, better late than never, right? Hopefully, it can help my other fellow writers out there who suffer from a lack of consistency as I do.

Having a true, morning ritual is the first step to progressive and successful writing. I make coffee, turn on Pandora (internet radio) and listen to music that defines the mood of my story; eat something small, grab a book and read out loud for ten minutes. I get on the laptop, open a fresh, new word doc and think about my latest fantasy (nothing gross, guys), literally the last thing I caught myself daydreaming. Why? Because it's fun to write about it. I don't think yet on the actual story I'm dedicated to, because after all, this is just a warm up. Something to get the juices flowing before thinking about how to begin the next chapter, or finish where I left off in the last scene--because we all know how daunting it is to get yourself to write something you've put a lot pressure on yourself to complete. So, I write out my daydream/fantasy like I would a new story (absolutely, no pressure, it's fun, remember?). I write a few paragraphs and then suddenly, I'm warm. I'm really warm. I get this, "you kick ass" feeling and now I'm ready.

I hope this helps other writers out there, something to put in your Writer's Toolbox.  Every writer's got to have somewhere to start. Creating consistency is the key. I'm happy to say, that it's working for me. So now, I've got a solid ritual. Hallelujah!

Here's some photos I took yesterday and a handful taken from Seattle.

The first Starbucks! Location: across from Pike's Market, Seattle. 
Damn, I'd love another cup right about  now.

 I have a thing for sea otters. Location: Seattle Aquarium

Waking along the street, headed back home from the local coffee shop around the corner, La Crema - San Jose. 

I love how perfectly suited my house is for Autumn. Hard to take a single photo to capture all three stories. 

We have a budding maple tree in the front. It doesn't have the range of fall foliage colors I'd like, but at least I got to see some yellow. 

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