Tuesday, November 15, 2011

When Life Requires You Keep A Bottle Opener in Your Purse

Okay, longest blog title in the world, I know. Things have been so crazy as of late. Mostly, it's work. I have a new role and it's taking some adjusting to. I know I will succeed in anything I put my mind to, it's just a matter of getting comfortable and managing the stress...

Here's my saving grace:

Above: At work we have a voodoo doll that gets passed around between myself and my colleague. This is what it looked it like when she gave it to me. 

Here's what it looked like after I got through with it. Don't get me wrong--I love my job. But some days (making hands-wrapped-around-my-neck gesture)....yeah, I'm sure you can relate.

We are in the thick of NaNoWriMo, people. And I am only 9000 words in. Clearly, I'm behind. With 41,000  words left to win it....Clearly, got a lot of work left to do. Hence the glass of wine and the probably nonsensical blog. 

I was hunting everywhere for my wine bottle opener when I realized that I had it in my purse. We have a weekly Beer Bash at work, and I wanted to have my own party...so... OK, anyway, my wine bottle opener was in my purse and you can thank Costco for my latest pink wine obsession. It all started with Peju--not a guy--the winery. And the discovery of my new love for blush colored wine. YUM. 

Anyway, I had a reason for my post tonight (as I'm laughing). I was driving to work this morning when I  realized a big piece I was missing for my story. Luckily I had remembered to bring my writer's pad with me and as I sat there waiting for the light, I jotted down my thoughts with a frenzy. I realized then, how valuable it was to have my journal with me at all times. This doesn't have to apply to writer's only. I'm sure everyone's been struck with a thought, thinking, I'll remember and get right on that at my earliest convenience. Except when that time comes, all we can remember is that there was something we were supposed to remember that was brilliant and was too lazy to write down. It's happened a few times to me and since then I've made a habit to keep pads and pens nearby for whenever such a thought strikes. 

There's definitely a value in not passing up on the opportunity to write down your thoughts! It could spark other brilliant ideas as you sit there jotting down that piece of information. 

OK. That's about as deep as I can get with this blog. Wish me luck on catching up with my fellow NaNoWriMo competitors. :(

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