Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Impossible is an Illusion

I picked up an old Writer's Digest magazine of mine, Oct 2011 issue. In it was an interview with author Dave Cullen. He said something that struck me and I wanted to pull it out and highlight it for you (ellipses are mine):

"If you want to be any kind of artist, you've got to have that tenacity to keep beating your head against the wall...The idea of the impossible is an illusion, and it will look very different on the other side. It's a matter of persevering." ~ Author Dave Cullen

Certainly, I believe that to survive in the artistic world, you need to have a "no quit" attitude. Everyone gets rejected. It's important not to take those rejections personally (at least in the writing industry). It's hard not to take a rejection personally, if say, it had to do with dating! I'd cry my eyes out, hiccup, and then get angry--naturally.

But Dave Cullen has it right. I've seen my writing ability go from mediocre to something magical (and my metrics are going to be different from everyone else's, but I'm the only one stopping me, so only my opinion counts, thus far). And that's the kind of attitude you need to have. Every day lends itself a new lesson about the craft, a new tip, or strategy. I've learned most importantly that writing a novel is beyond "telling a story". Delivery is the key. Plot, structure, word choice, character development, dialogue, all of that falls under this. And you've got to have it all! Intimidating right?

I'm one who shies away from big picture revelations. I take every detail one at a time, burying the "what if I get there" speculations for when they actually matter.

Before I conclude, I wanted to add a tip for expanding your creativity. A lot of writers are naturally creative, whether you're fashion forward, express yourself differently (tattoos, piercings, hair style), drawing, painting, taking up photography, music, etc. I think you need to feed these other elements of yourself. Me, I enjoy listening to music (all the time--seriously), and photography is something new (and amateurish). I used to draw, but with writing taking up as much as it does, I can only dabble in things. Writing is my true passion. Anyhow, that's why you've been seeing many photographs on this blog (some of me, some of nature). Hoping to feed my creative soul in many ways.

Happy writing!

Love, Anna

Photo above: taken from my office in Palo Alto. Beautiful area to step out and go for a relaxing walk!

Photo above: I'm in Seattle for work, and I'm bored...clearly. I was torn between two captions for this photo, "Teary-eyed because I miss you" and "This is what happens after two glasses of Sauvignon Blanc" :)

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