Friday, February 17, 2012

Random Musings: Tumblr--The Death of My Blog?

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I spent the last few minutes surfing one of my favorite tumblr posters—errr—I have no idea what to call these people. Bloggers? Tumblr–ers? I'm totally enthralled by the idea that you can have this ongoing, very social and interactive blog that is very unlike this blog. *sigh* People can "like" your blog without leaving a comment, they can re-blog your blog, and you can post the most random, inconsequential things--like Facebook...but not.

Oh man, tempting, sooo tempting. But in our current world of the social media giants: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, (and Tumblr) and now: Instagram, Pinterest, and god-knows-what-else I'm missing, do I really want another "social" media to obsess over? My god, am I that socially removed from real people that I need virtual people to make me happy? When does it become over-sharing? An irrational desire to be accepted and loved—virtually? Oh man, these are questions I shouldn't be asking. LOL Quite frankly, asking is redundant when the answer is clear. Nope. Not going to say it. *eyes averting*

With the addition of Fan Fiction and random forums I’ve recently launched into, I've suddenly developed this unquenchable need to be constantly plugged in—logged on—and staring at screens. I’ve compared it to OCD…where my thoughts wander to the media and I compulse via my iPhone—barring the reliability of 3G—to ease the anxiety.

Ahhh…This is normal right?

Okay…so no Tumblr.

Not yet. =)

On a positive note, my mind is buzzing with creativity; ideas, plots, scenes, characters shifting about, restlessly and repeatedly, looping like a broken record, until I can finally sit and write it all down, remolding it until it’s perfect.

Sounds like a fair exchange. Social media madness = imagination overload = a good writer’s problem to have.

Happy Friday! And happy writing


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