Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Unstuck Creative Hump – Here's a Mid-week Inspiration

Kavinsky Nightcall Cover

Some days I need music like I need air. Today’s song obsession is: Kavinsky’s Nightcall. Fans of the movie Drive will recognize the deep, riveting beat.  

The past couple days I’ve been bouncing between soul: good ol’ Sam Cooke, Al Green, and Otis (the one and only), then I’ll listen to some really heavy electronics like Kavinsky, Plushgun, The Limousines; even alternative/dance like Rihanna, Nikki, and Katy. My mood was all over the place…and so was my muse. He was taking me to new places that had me sitting for seven to eight hours plugging away at a short story I had become obsessed with. How did this happen, you ask?

My novel is still with my editor and here I am trying to keep my mind off it, trying to keep my writing sharp. I recently discovered fan fiction. And it is officially my newest obsession. If you find yourself stuck in a creative hump I’d definitely recommend dabbling in fan fiction—where your characters and settings are already defined and you create the scenes (mini plots, scenarios). Talk about keeping your writing in top shape! I’ve been experimenting with it for the past two weeks and in short, it’s addictive. Don’t ask me to go into detail about the story I worked on; I had a guy friend who I asked to read it, only to stop halfway and tell me he felt like he was reading my diary, or stepping into the women’s bathroom where he clearly didn’t belong…(The genre was women’s fiction, romance/mildly erotic.)

I was pushing myself out of my comfort zone, doing a genre I’d never done before. And suddenly the plot—the scenes—where haunting me, consuming my thoughts until I finally sat down and poured it out of me.

Certainly it was a challenge incorporating the little I knew about the characters and yet weaving in a mini plot with enough suspense to keep readers asking for more chapters. To my pleasant surprise, my readers who I’d shared it with weren’t asking, but begging for the next installment. Talk about a writer’s thrill. Because of their amazing feedback, I was motivated—spending an entire day in some kind of writing meditation that I didn’t come out of for hours. That kind of state of writing is akin to a drug-induced high, a serious body shaking event, filling you with exhilaration until you can’t sit still and you can’t stop smiling like a goof-ball. Maybe it’s just me who reaches this state, but getting that kind of high from creative writing is what I live for. You sit there, re-reading your work and you gawk at the magic staring back at you. “Yes! You wrote this!” your brain screams back at you.

It was incredible.  

So do you need a kick-start? Try your hand in fan fiction! Create an anonymous page via FanFiction.Net, and let your imagination fly...

Listen to Kavinsky's Nightcall here: 

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