Sunday, December 30, 2012

Is Writing Your Purpose?

Today is a day of reflection and contemplation. A new year awaits all of us and as 2012 concludes we must think back on the challenges we've faced (whether we've overcome them or are still in the midst of the battle), and what we dream to make happen in the new year ahead of us.

Through my own personal trials, I found myself returning to church to seek answers, to find support and a sense of community, and yes, I returned especially to find refuge. If there has been anything that has successfully breathed life back into my soul, anchored my spirit, lifted my chin, and dried my tears, it is the overwhelming comfort of my newly discovered spirituality.

Today's sermon hit me square in the chest, causing my heart to race as if it had been reawakened. And I heard once again a  deep calling, so real it was as if it grasped the sides of my face and stared me hard in the eyes, unwilling to release me. The purpose of life is perhaps to discover what we are meant to do. I believe that we are all gifted, created to serve and better our community in some shape or form.  I knew many years ago that my gift was the gift of writing; telling stories in a way that was unique and rare.

You too have a gift. But understand that whatever it is, it won't be easy. It will be challenging and it will be difficult. However, it will fulfill and satisfy on a level that no other work you've ever done has.

Despite appearances, writing is not a simple art. Gifted or not, being creative day in and day out isn't easy. Some days it comes out like a tub of honey tipped over, pouring as if unstoppable until the tub is completely empty. And when those days come, when your work is "finished", you are filled with so much joy you can't begin to fathom that such beauty and art actually came from you. Someday when you're ready, you'll share your work with others, and it will touch them as deeply as it had touched you.

My fellow writers, readers, and friends, make 2013 your year to fulfill your purpose. I certainly aim to do just that...

In the words of Pastor Chip Ingram, "You are not what you do, but that you do what you are."

So do what you are and hold steady your faith.