Friday, February 1, 2013

What it Means to be Dedicated

It's past midnight and I've got writing on the brain. Mostly it's emotions for the lack of writing I feel like I should be doing (oh, and I apparently have a family of wild rhinos upstairs for neighbors). I know I'm not fully to blame what with it being busy season at work and having to fly all over the country.

Already I've been to San Diego, LA, and Atlanta. This weekend will be a couple days in Ithaca, NY, followed by Pittsburg, and then quite a bit of time in Singapore. And to think it's the slower of the two recruiting seasons I manage. My job and all the people I meet and all the stories I hear makes my life all the more adventurous and it feeds my writing like nothing else. Except for real life of course. There's nothing like the truly hard, slap-in-the-face, shit happens, kind of life to give your writing fuel. Oh you know...those sometimes humorous but downright awful moments that just comes with living on this earth and being human.

Anyway, back to the writing. Until I Dream No More has been painfully hard to write, and for many reasons I think. One, being that it hits a little too close to home in that the protagonist goes through some painful godawful heartbreak, and second is that I think I enjoy writing science fiction and fantasy so much more. Until I Dream No More is supposed to be a novella, around 20k to 30k in words which makes for a quick read. But despite my previous discipline, when I'd written and completed Violet Storm at around 90k words and had the stamina to sit for hours on end writing with intensity and enthusiasm, this romantic tragedy is a little like trying to write while listening to nails on a chalkboard...over and over again. I do a lot of banging-my-head-on-the-wall coupled with copious amounts of coffee, heavy sighing, and pen on paper twirling to make it through the measly hour I have in the mornings to throw-up 1000 words per day.

Despite the difficulty of being out of my element in writing Until I Dream No More, I am happy to say, that there's no way in hell that I am dropping the story. It's likely it won't be my best, but I am damn well going to give it everything I've got, and pour into it all that I've learned about the art of writing a damn good story, and finish it...and then publish it. I promised myself one thing this year and that was to get this novella written and into the hands of the people who wished to read it, myself included.

The lesson of the day is on dedication. I've learned in observing others and their actions that dedication is more than just hanging in there; dedication is choosing to work harder despite adversity, even when the easier thing to do is to give up and try again later. People often times call "giving up" by many other names, and some sound a whole lot more like excuses.

I've made a lot of changes in my life the past few months and there are still many more I wish to make. I've decided to dedicate myself to my writing, to my job, to my health, and to my faith. When I'm not traveling (and sometimes even when I am), I wake up every morning at 6:00am to pray, and then I write for an hour or two, work a full day and then some, go home and hit the gym for an hour, work a little more, and then end my day with a prayer of gratitude. I do this every day. I hope to be more disciplined in life so that my dedication will bear fruit. It's a little severe I know, but right now, what I need is just that: a routine. Oh, that and nice abs. Nice abs would be great. I've got this four pack deal going on, but can't seem to uncover the final two. They have decided to remain hidden until I stop eating donuts.

Completing Until I Dream No More is going to be a challenge. Lucky for me, challenge seems to be my nickname (ha ha), and dedication will be my friend until I reach The End.

Readers, I'd like to know more about you. What are you dedicated to? How do you achieve that which your heart desires and what do you do on a daily basis to get you where you want to be?



  1. LOL I was up past midnight too, writing in my private journal. Oh, the life of a Writer! I'm glad you're not dropping "Until I Dream No More". The fact that some of your audience looks forward to reading it will serve as your drive alone to complete it. I completely understand what you mean though.. there are some topics or things that I just don't achieve the same enthusiastic response to while writing about it. I would almost go as far as to say that sometimes the lack of interest to write on a particular topic or genre is worse than writer's block. But I'm glad you're sticking to it and I just know that "Until I Dream No More" will come out just perfect! P.S. I'm with ya on the nice abs part!

    1. LOL Jess, I know right? Thanks for having faith in the story. I'll certainly give it my best. I suppose I consider it a milestone should I get to that point where I can self-publish it with confidence. Isn't writing such a strange thing? Such a love and hate relationship sometimes? :) I do agree that trying to write something that your heart isn't fully invested in can be worse than writer's block. It still has it's moments though, and I love it; the good and bad nonetheless.

      Thanks for commenting, Love!



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