Sunday, March 10, 2013

Love at First Sight: A Writer's Attempt

"A rose by any other name would smell as sweet," ~ dear ol' Will

I find that one of the hardest emotionor perhaps better defined as an experienceto convey in writing with any poetic conviction is that of love-at-first-sight. Yup, the big L-O-V-E.  Because it's one of the most affecting, unforgettable experiences we can have, and I wanted to give it a shot. I suppose it's an experience that one could only hope to indulge in at least once in their lifetime. Honestly, I feel that love-at-first sight can happen multiple times because it's absolutely possible to love (and perhaps fall in love) with more than one person in the lifespan of ones generously long existence.

So what do I know about love-at-first-sight? I tried to imagine the whole experience, but mostly that pivotal moment where you just find each other...

You are going about your day as if it were any mundane, inconsequential day and you glance up to find a pair of eyes staring back at you... 
Time, and what feels like the entire universe, seem to slow. You have the sudden realization that your breath is stuck in your lungs, and you feel not one muscle in the ridiculous jaw-dropped expression on your face. And quite possibly, your heart just might beat its way out of your rib-cage like a newly awakened beast. Your gaze stays locked on this stranger who oddly enough feels as if you've met beforehave just enough sense to smile back, because not only does the smile force you to breathe, but it's like you just can't help the joy being pulled out of you; forcing its way to shape your lips in the only way it knows how to express absolute bliss. The pounding in your chest drowns out the noise of the world around you, and all you can feel is the sensation similar to being in flightweightless, and yet completely immovable. Your eyes are trapped, your peripheral dims, and all your vision can focus on is the gaze of the one that has you ensnared in a lock you've never known in your life. They walk past you, and your gaze travels as if magnetized by theirs. And you remember to swallow because suddenly your mouth is dry, and you can hear every echo as the fluid travels down your clenched throat.
Your chest caves in as you take your first breathless pant. A slow shuddering travels down from your sternum to your belly; warmth blossoming in its wake until your legs feel numb. Extremities and other parts in places you're only vaguely aware of begin to tingle. And the only thought you can latch onto is, "Wow...Who. Is. That?" 
It's entirely possible that what I've described isn't love-at-first-sight, but perhaps lust-at-first-sight. I suppose what I assume is that the experience is being felt almost identically by the other person. Because I can't imagine true, honest, and legitimate love-at-first-sight being a one way street. That this deeply intense experience cannot be love if it's felt by one person alone, but by both parties. It's like the finding of your soul-mate in a crowded room, and just knowing that you have to meethave to touch, have to breathe in the small space between each others lips. It's primal, but at the same time it transcends physical awareness and into the realm of conscious awakening; making you wonder just how love is really meant to be found.

Anyhow, please feel free to add anything I missed in the comments section below!

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  1. I've felt that once in a profound way that forever embedded itself in my heart and imagination-- bitter sweet feelings I can still conjure up in the dark of night. Very well described.

    1. Thanks Julie! It truly is an incredible feeling. Makes me smile everytime I think of it. :)


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