Monday, May 13, 2013

Completely Poetic: A Letter to the Universe

Lands End - San Francisco

Several years ago, I started two separate series called Completely Fictitious and Completely Poetic. It helped me keep my writing sharp when I couldn't find the motivation or enthusiasm to work on my novels. I've decided to pick the series back up again, considering that my muse has run off on me...

Completely Fictitious is more of a whimsical, comedic series, whereas Completely Poetic has darker undertones. 

The pieces typically reflect my current mood. Enjoy :)



Completely Poetic: A Letter to the Universe

Dear Universe, 

It has become necessary for me to tell you that you are a cruel, cruel bitch. 

In the days past, you have stripped me bare, unmercifully, until I have become nothing but a wisp of a memory of my old self. 

You have taken from me everything that defines me: my words--my gift--my only passion, my most trusted companion, and lastly, you have taken from me the only face I recognize. You've replaced it with something unfamiliar. These eyes...they stare back at me with disgust, reflecting a pain so deep and so sharp, it hurts to hold her gaze. 

I hear you laughing. Echoless. Tones as cold as ice. My jaw aches from the anger no longer held in check. 

I hate you. 

No. I wish to hate you. Except in the cracks of my hardened soul, I hear your voice, seeping into my bones, urging me to release my innocence. You whisper your desire to bless me with the gift of wisdom, in the only way my pure heart can learn: and that is to be cut, limb from limb, until I can no longer ignore the missing pieces once covered in denial and hope. You wish to teach me the value of being no one. Of being nothing in this world.  

And yet, you tell me not to lose faith. That all that has been done, is but a test. That my will must first be broken in order to be mended into something greater.

I don't understand.  

My knees ache from having fallen. Too high, I once stood.
 My neck strains from bowing down in defeat. 

I laugh. The sound hinting of hysteria, disguising the vain acceptance of my reality. 

You win. 

~Your Servant

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