Monday, July 8, 2013

Road Trip: Pismo Beach

Hey guys!

I just wanted to start off by saying thank you for your support! Especially to those who are following the adventure on Facebook. :)

I'm on day two of this mini-road trip and to be honest, it feels a hell of a lot longer. Last night's hotel was great. Up until my neighbors checked-in. It's not their fault. Not really. I mean the walls were paper thin, and they were...excited to be in the romantic city of Monterey. Yay... 

Suffice it to say, it sucked that I had to lay there for a better part of the night thinking, "That must be nice...They sound like they're having fun." The walls shook a couple times, some interesting, eyebrow-raising moans and a climactic moment later, and it was over. Maybe a ten minute break, and they went at it again.

I started counting fingers on my hand for how many months it had been since the last time I had, know...and I was well into the second hand. TMI? I won't apologize. My neighbors sure didn't apologize. *sniff* I felt a lot like Josh Hartnett in 40 Days & 40 Nights. 

I guess I could've gone for a walk, a cold shower, or sang out loud. But I was too exhausted, and I wanted nothing more than to rap my knuckles on the wall just as soon as they finished, so they would realize that they had an unwilling audience for their not-so-private sexy-time.

It wasn't even the worst part. I could've forgiven the near rabbit-like marathon they were having. The worst part was that after their fun-fest they fell straight to sleep. How do I know? Because the man snored like a bear. Painful. That's it. That's all I can say.


Onto some fun. I've been asked what's it like to travel alone. Well, it depends on the person. Me? I think I'm loads of fun. I laugh a lot. Sure, it's to myself...but I have whole conversations that go on up there that happen in the quiet of my mind, and other times, out loud. Funny things just flit through my head. Like for instance, I was standing at the pier when I thought, "I need to find a cafe and get some writing done; did I book that hotel? God I'm hungry. Again!" look down notice my legs and add, "Don't forget to shave."

I'm now in Pismo Beach, and after a quick nap, I decided to head down to the beach. Before I left, I had on my bathing suit, passed by the mirror, flinched, and then decided to do myself a favor and put on my gym clothes instead. I made a mental note of where the gym was at the hotel, and put an alarm on my phone labeled, "Someone switched your bathing suits..."

With that, I'll say goodnight! Here are a few of the things I saw along the way! 

Lover's Point, Monterey, CA

I was chasing the sunset, driving along the coast--Pacific Grove, Monterey, CA

Love the color of a setting sun obscured by the clouds where the blush of the fading light peeks out from the sky.

Had breakfast this morning at the famous Red House Cafe!
It was hard to decide on what to get. It was between the Nutella stuffed panini's or the above, Cinnamon Raisin Brioche w/ orange marmalade, strawberries, and marshmallow cream...

Julia Pfieffer's point, Big Sur, CA

Julia Pfieffer's point, Big Sur, CA

It took me twice as long to get to SLO because I kept stopping to take in the view. But that's what this trip was all about. Learning how to dawdle...

Finally! I made it to Pismo Beach
Bored? Me? Nope. I find ways to entertain myself...

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