Saturday, February 1, 2014

Self-Publishing - Part I

Happy Lunar New Year! And what a great year it's looking to be so far.
I've begun the preliminary work on the launch to self-publish Violet Storm. I haven't picked a specific date for the launch quite yet, and may in fact do a "soft" launch prior to a full, heavy marketing blitz so that if anything comes up in the first round, I have the chance to correct it without feeling like it's the end of the world, and that I'm going to have to crawl under a rock and hide my face until everyone forgets my uber failure. Just kidding.

But not really.

The date I have in mind is mid-March, because that's when busy season and travel for my day job winds down and I can have consistent evenings with little surprises to be able to focus on the work it will take.

bath writing tableI've got a mean list, and by mean, I mean, really freakin' horrifically enormously daunting. Phew. That's what it feels like--when you've expelled all the air from your lungs and you struggle to breathe it all back in. It's a long task list of things I have to work on to properly prepare for as smooth and successful of a book launch as I can hope for.

Right now I'm focusing on the platform, like creating a website (with the help of my amazing and talented cousin, Chanelle Ates) and an author page for Facebook, Amazon, and perhaps Goodreads. I'm working with a family friend, Jason Rought, on creating a personal logo and additional design support for the cover photo of my FB author page, Twitter, and website. I'm also hoping to create a fun postcard to share with family and friends, and any interested readers.

What else is on my action list? 

Well, I used Scrivener (my primary writing tool) to compile my story into a .ePub file and am doing a final edit by reading it like an actual ebook on my iPad. From there, I can tweak the ebook formatting and work on the cover and a release poster with Kyle. Also, because I'm worried about the tax implications should my book actually become profitable, I've opened a separate checking account, so I can file my taxes with clear and accurate information--something I would advise all my fellow entrepreneurs and aspiring self-publishers to think about.

There is so much research needed in choosing the right distributor. My heart is set on Amazon's Createspace (primarily for its print-on-demand option) and Gumroad (as my personal website eStore). Gum road only takes 5% of your books retail price while Amazon takes 30%. The ebook will be available on Amazon for Kindle, GooglePlay, iTunes, and Nook.

Lots of moving pieces, but this is probably the most work I'll have to do since it's my first launch and I won't have to replicate every action item for future book releases.

So how do I feel?

I'm excited. Almost deliriously excited. I haven't been this excited about my writing and my future as a writer in a long time. After Violet Storm is ready, I'm going to continue writing White as Snow (which I think I'm going to re-title to Snow Dolls). World building and work on Snow Dolls has been picking up speed and I hope to finish it in a couple months and publish it by the end of September this year. :)

More to come!

Before I conclude, I just want thank you for your support. Your enthusiasm and energy is what has helped motivate me to pursue this path. I promise I'm working really hard to write you a great story, one that I hope you have a hard time putting down until those fateful words, THE END.

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