Monday, February 10, 2014

The Power of a Properly-Constructed Routine

Love this logo (though, it's not mine)
I knew several years ago that despite my adventurous spirit, the very core of me functioned in a well-constructed routine with studiously-planned adventures in the hopes to experience spontaneity.


I suppose one can say, that spontaneity in my life is a lie, and is more purposeful rather than unconscious.

When things get busy, I become the master of routines. With my endeavor to self-publish in the coming month, the continuous busy-ness of my day-job, sustaining my great love (an actual person and not a cat), and getting my body back into some semblance of a shape other than round: a routine equals salvation and a greater chance for success.

This morning, I was up at 6am, resentfully watching the clock hit 7am when my alarm is set to remind me that I promised to hit the gym for an hour. My chiropractor had advised me to strengthen my core, and after my masseuse asked me about how my newborn "baby" was doing...I realized, I probably should do something about my stomach. It apparently confuses people. By 8:50am, I am showered, guzzling coffee and my after-workout milkshake concoction, grabbing my laundry, and running to the train station.

Work flies in a dizzying speed--a welcome reprieve from my fears of all the self-publishing work, nicely disguised as excitement for the unknown venture. By the time it's 6pm, I've managed to drag myself home from the train, pick up a book, and read until hunger starts making me think that gnawing on my arm is a perfectly sane thing to do. I watch Modern Family, laugh over my company-provided dinner that has been hastily packed into a to-go box, and eating it using chop-sticks because I like to challenge myself. Then it's another shower to wake me up, a cup of hot cocoa, and my also-very-round butt sits comfortably in front of my computer doing something related to writing from 9pm to 11pm. Until my eyes can hardly stay open.

Sleep finds me. I dream weird things--which I wish I didn't have the uncanny ability to remember in the morning. I don't think one is meant to remember their dreams. All sorts of weird shit happens, I stuff puppies in my shoe and in my bra; I dream of zombies, other peoples babies, and being sat on by paranormal things.

Work on publishing the novel is moving along. The soft-launch and hard-launch dates have been solidified, I've gone through the first round of logo designs, and by 11pm tonight, I should have my novel fully edited and ready for e-formating. The the latter alone, deserves a fist-in-the-air Woohoo!

Are you a creature of routine too?

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