Tuesday, May 20, 2014

My Writing Process Plus Updates on the Next Book!


I was tagged by the awesome Liz Blocker to talk about my writing process in this weeks' Writing Process Blog Tour.

Thank you Liz!

I'm going to focus on just a couple questions. Questions that I feel like some of my non-writer friends AND writer friends would both be interested in.

What am I working on now?

I am plugging away at SNOW DOLLS, a story that I've fallen head over heels with and just can't stop obsessing over. It's been a couple years in the making (mostly in the concept phase). But now it's time to flesh this story out. I hope to have it ready for readers by the end of the year.

For fans of VIOLET STORM, I promise I've got the skeleton written out for the next book in the Modi series! I will promptly begin working on it as soon as I've finished SNOW DOLLS.


How does my book differ from others within the genre? 

I think what makes SNOW DOLLS different is how multifaceted it is. It involves, cultural and religious brainwashing, gender bias, and political intrigue. It centers around a very disturbing religious practice known as Purification, the process by which every girl at the age of sixteen is made into a doll. Dolls are subservient, unemotional, and complacent. The land is called Illumera, and it takes place in a parallel world like Earth.

The story centers around three main characters who narrate the struggle of their day-to-day lives living in a world where every woman of age is made into a doll. On the surface, Illumera is vibrant and flourishing. It is a blessed land with little crime, illness, and political turmoil. But underground, breeds another story, and it exposes just how unethical and deceiving Purification truly is.

I'd love to say more, but I promise to do so when I've written more of the story!


What does my writing process consist of?

I am struggling to write every day. With a full-time job it's hard to find a lot of time in the day. But that's not really the issue. The problem is that I love the story I'm working on, the world I'm building, and the plot and subplots just get me giddy! Should be pretty fun and easy to write...right? But for all those reasons and more, I get a little intimidated by the work itself. I've started to change my day-to-day writing process because sometimes that pressure can be too great and I feel like I'm creating my own proverbial block. Hand me that brick will ya?

So how have I gotten around that?

Writing at Cafe La Tartine, Redwood City
I started writing free-hand on a plain spiral-bound notebook. I used to just write chapter outlines on it but now I'm writing entire scenes, verse by verse. Suddenly I'm tacking on 5K words a week easy-peasy and I'm able to write anywhere. Whereas I'd struggle to write 500 words here and there and felt like I had to be at x,y, z to be in the writing zone. Having my laptop open, watching my cursor blink and constantly eyeballing the word count felt like a big enough block to prevent me from making progress.

So now I've started to write in free-hand. When I'm done with a chapter or two, I'll open up my Scrivener document and add in the chapters, and any new content I've added to the world. It also gives me another chance to edit, build, and reshape a scene.

I love that I can literally take the story with me anywhere and not feel like I am bound by a particular process.

Consistency is great when it comes to writing. It helps to produce a routine that your mind and body can easily adopt, but I find that my muse can get bored too quickly. I can get uncomfortable and suddenly there's a reason--or three, five, ten--for why I can't write.

Hope this helps other writers out there who may be in the same boat!

Now it's time for me to tag a few others: Julie Luek and Meradeth Houston. Hopefully you haven't already been tagged (I'm a little late in the game here), but if not feel free to explore!

In other news...

Thank you for all the support on VIOLET STORM. We've sold almost 190 books! Seriously. WOW.
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