Monday, April 6, 2015

There's a Hoopla-tta Things Going On!

Why hello there! :) The last couple of weeks have been a whirlwind of activity. Here's whats been going on!
  • The Violet Storm troop (which is essentially me and VS cover artist slash boyfriend-of-the-century, Kyle Van Meurs) will be headed to the YA Author Hoopla at Books Inc. Opera Plaza in San Francisco on Saturday, May 9th. Hosted by Not Your Mother's Book Club, this awesome event is bringing together YA authors to gather and celebrate with YA genre readers!
  • My latest novel, Snow Dolls is basically in holy-querying-mode purgatory. Yes...that is my entire experience summed up. Querying has been both joyful and heartbreaking. If it wasn't, well then, I should be worried. But right now, it's mostly all positive. There are two amazing agents reviewing the full manuscript. I'm waiting to hear back from a few more agents, so this is good news indeed. It's the anxiety, I tell you. It's a killer. 
  • Have you heard of the Meetup group, Shut Up & Write? They're in quite a few cities and in various coffee shops. There might be one near you, so definitely check them out! The premise is simple: you catch up for the first fifteen minutes, be pleasant, say hello, and then you shut up and write for an hour or more. It's my second week with the group and I'm sold. Just the right kind of focused environment I needed. Here's to getting Crimson Earth (Book II of the Modi Series) done in no time!
  • Ever heard of Pilates Reformer? I recently joined a club to get my tiny butt back into hopefully-less-tiny-but-still-awesomely-cuter-shape. And now I am officially addicted. It's been a great way to de-stress. We are headed to Maui in two months to celebrate this little one's big 3-0 birthday. Gulp. The anxiety attack and existential crisis will be beaten back by very delicious Mai Tai's. 
  • Finally, have you seen these amazing coloring books (for adults) by Johanna Basford? I can get lost in the beauty of coloring in these books for hours. Seriously. Not only can I catch up on all seven seasons of Grey's Anatomy, but watch me do it and color at the same time!

I bought both copies: Secret Garden and the Enchanted Forest!

That's Johanna creating her bestselling coloring books. 
So that's probably a good amount of updates for now. Love you lots, and if you haven't already, don't forget to check out the most recent episode of Code Name: Ghost

Happy asks that you rub the nearest cat's tummy. Cus' they like that.